How New-Age Indian Couples are getting married this Lockdown

So you are going to marry your life partner in the upcoming few days! Super excited?? Because of the increased number of Covid-19 cases in India, many changes have been seen in the social gathering scenarios. It has affected your dream wedding planning, and will the excitement be the same as before? Yeah, it’s a big question for them who will marry this season or finding their perfect match through the free matrimonial service in Punjab as we have to take care of all the necessary precautions because – “Jaan hai to Jahan hai.”

In India, wedding holds the importance largely, done with various traditions and customs. For the individual, marriage marks the transition to adulthood. In India, we consider that marriage is a bond of seven lives in between bride and groom, and that’s why it is an important phase for every bride and groom and must include for their family members. It is a turning phase of one’s life as they connect with someone with whom their whole life is connected. That’s why every girl or boy dreams of having a wedding with lots of fun that remain unforgettable for years.

The ongoing pandemic has a huge impact on the upcoming wedding plans. Most of the couples who had planned to marry this year have postponed their wedding to next year. But there are a few couples who didn’t want to postpone it. So, for them, the idea of a big fat wedding transformed into a small, intimate ceremony. Keeping the government rules in mind, families made last moment adjustments to make their ceremony a safe space for all.

Here are some ways opted by some new-aged Indian Couples which shows you how to marry in Lockdown in a simple but effective way that will surely, if you follow, will be an excellent experience for you and something that is unique and will never be forgotten by anyone –

Inviting Close Relatives Instead of Social Gathering –
As per the Health Ministry rules, only not more than 50 people are allowed to attend the wedding functions, and no social gathering is allowed. Many couples and their families decided to celebrate the wedding with their loved ones only. You can invite your close relatives and friends to avoid social gatherings so that the wedding occurs with all the precautions and safety measures.

No Gifts Allowed –
In India, it is a culture to bring gifts for the bride and groom if you are invited to attend any wedding. Weddings are one of the most significant gift-giving-and-getting occasions in our culture. Gifts are special things given to the couple with lots of blessings. A wedding invitation is entirely separate from a wedding gift. A wedding gift is a token of your affection for the happy new couple—nothing more and nothing less. You can tell your relatives or guests via your invitation card not to bring any gifts. Yeah, It’s peculiar for people to go to a wedding without gifts, but most of the couples who married in this Lockdown have strictly mentioned in their invitation card that no gift exchange should occur at our wedding. The reason behind this is to eliminate every possible medium that can cause transmission during the gathering.

Home Cooks Instead of Caterers –
As per the social distancing norms, you cannot celebrate any function or wedding with more than 50 persons. So you must have to invite your loved ones or close relatives to attend the wedding function. Most of the guests will get trouble coming and attend your wedding because of non – availability of transportation. So you will end up with a few guests who will attend your wedding and present in all your wedding functions. There is no need for caterers in your small, intimate wedding ceremony as they are outsiders, and safety comes first. They also kept the menu limited so that they don’t have to do much.

The Virtual Wedding –
Marriages are built in heaven. And to find your soulmate, the internet has become a great way. It is the most effective and the most adopted method for this time, which is beneficial in every way for the bride and groom and their family members. Like the way we do “Work from Home” in a similar way, we can do “Wedding from Home” which is much cheaper than ever you think. Isn’t it sound right that having a wedding with just your family members at home and the guests and relatives are attending your wedding from video conferencing call?? Yeah, I’m talking about video conferencing wedding! What the couples did is they sent the invitation on chats about the date and the timings mentioning everything in the message and afterward sending the meeting links to whom they have invited, including Pandit Ji for attending all the functions and the great day – the wedding day. Also, once the ceremonies were over, the family organized food delivery, and they made sure that sweet and savory dishes reached the homes of all the guests.

With the help of “Best Matrimonial Websites” –
Last but not least!. There are so many “matrimonial sites in North India” that will help you have your wedding in a way you want while taking care of all the necessary precautions. You will find “free matrimony websites” on the internet that will tell you to pay for the work they did only and believe me, they always do their best to bring a smile on the face of their customers. There are so many “top Indian matrimonial sites” that will arrange your wedding, whether online or offline, within your budget and with all their efforts to make your wedding the BEST one!

So these were are all the tips and ways for you. Couples are opting for them and getting married in the lockdown stress-free.

Thanks for reading!

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